Fortune Shoes has won the trust of the customers in Europe and United states; due to Fortune’s RND department the customer servers, efficient production line and quality products. Fortune Shoes has excellent RND department with the capability to develop different styles of shoes to meet the customer’s. In addition Fortune Shoes also has a first-class outsourcing team; they travel around the world to look for best raw materials for the production of shoes.


Peoples and workers


Fortune Shoes Ltd almost 3000 employees predominantly female who are trained under experienced international and national technicians.


Sample Section


Fortune Shoes Ltd has its own product development and sampling program where new and quality products are constantly developed by their highly skilled team of technicians.To offer a relaxing service to the clients all the activities of the company are closely monitored by an effective and efficient management team on a daily basis.


Quality Control


International standard compliances in its different units meet Fortune Shoes a leading choice for different clients from overseas. For its quality assurance systems and meeting with international compliance standards Fortune Shoes was awarded the BSCI and Higg Index certificate.
Fortune Shoes puts a lot of effort & emphasis on process institution & execution for a quality product. Therefore, the planned and systematic activities implemented in the quality system so that the quality requirements are fulfilled. Fortunes Quality Assurance activities also includes quality management for raw materials, Fabric & Color composition, Products & components and the services related with production management through inspection processes. Fortune Shoes experienced quality assurance team enforced the quality process at all phases of production and followed-up constantly to factory for implementation. The Final Inspections as per standard AQL level. All these thorough setting of standards, risk analysis and strong quality rigor ensures that buyer expectations are always met and often surpassed. It also undertakes third party quality inspections if required by the client followed with agreed or required AQL levels. Every pair of shoes has to pass rigorous BVCPS testing meeting the requirement of different international testing standard to ensure the production quality.




Fortune Shoes provides a clean and safe environment for its staff and workers. CCTV covering the entire production facility for constant monitoring and surveillances ensure on site security. Fortunes perform regular fire drills for its workers so they are well trained for any unfortunate emergency situations. Specially trained security people have been diploid all over to ensure the security of its workers and different unit premises. It also has a day care facility for the children of the working mothers, medical facility, health and safety training programs, cafeteria etc.




With its creative and hardworking merchandising team Fortune Shoes Ltd always keeps up with its local and international clients. Constant monitoring and quality supervision are always provided to ensure quality productions and meeting lead time.